Here is a list of some projects that I have done by the past.

Most of them aren’t finished, and I may have lost many source files, but well here they are anyway.

I’m publishing them because from time to time I receive an e-mail requesting details about them.

FPGA designs

  • Micronique Hector HRX core running on Spartan-3 Starter Board by Digilent.

  • Oric-1 / Oric Atmos core. I have a version running on the S3 board mentioned above, but also on a Terasic DE1 board with a partial Microdisc emulation.

  • Thomson MO5 core.

Hardware hacks

  • Guimauve 2ooo is a VGA adapter for the Apple //c and //c+ computers. That silly name comes from the Chat Mauve board that did the same for RGB SCART interface.

  • Cocoleco is a multi-game cartridge for the Colecovision. It features a menu for game selection.

  • usbSID enables you to connect a Commodore 64 SID to your PC through USB. The idea was to be able to hear the famous chiptunes of this era on the real hardware.

  • Exelvision EXL-100 dump of the TMS 7041 internal ROM. This was a bit tricky ot set up, but it worked.

  • RGB SCART output for the Videopac series of videogame consoles.


  • I’ve added the Minitel 2 emulation to MESS. That sounds silly at a first glance… The idea was to ease the development of a demo based of the work that Jeff did.

  • I’ve written some code in assembly or C for the Game Boy Advance, the Neo Geo Pocket Color, and some other machines as well.

  • I’ve been playing with the Forth programming language, and wrote an ARM ANS-Forth flavor of it for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

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09 February 2014