About the event

I’ve attended a few IoT meetings by the past, and this one was nowhere close to what I’ve seen so far.

First, the number of attendees (over 500) made it the most important one I’ve been lucky to participate. Then, the variety of subjects, from hardware to software offers, talks about API design, User eXperience, protocols and much more, made it a really interesting dive in the IoT.

Much more than being about “Things”, it managed to unveil the whole ecosystem as an uprising “Internet of Services”, with many concerns, placing the Human Being at the center of this (r)evolution expected to rise in the next few years.

Of course, among other subjects, security was one of the main concerns, and a few talks (mine included) focused on that topic.

My own experience

Before the event itself, I’ve had the opportunity to share a few drinks with some fellow speakers.

I must say that the subject of my talk raised some eyebrows, and right after this evening, I was quite convinced that it would be of some interest to people.

Indeed, it has been the case, as the room I was giving my talk into, was full of attendees, some of them watching it standing up, as there were no seat left.

I got many interesting questions, and pointers to some recent papers and articles on the subjects I was talking about. Most people I met were aware of IBM and Samsung’s ADEPT proof-of-concept and white paper.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I’m already saving the date for next year’s Global IoT day!

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09 April 2015